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Why would you buy black and white toys? The newborn can see only 10 % of everything that the adult person can see. His sight evolves by the time, especially the sharpness, spatial, peripheral and colorfull sight. At first, he can see person and things at 50 cm around. He can control his eye muscles only, the other moves are controled by reflexes. So that is the reason you should help your baby to train the visual functions by the right game with the toys for the kids of this age. The babies from their second week start to feel the contrast space, especially black and white objects with the chessboard pattern. It is good for kids to see the different toys and objects in this combination near to their eyes and move with them to the sides and up and down. The newborn has very good prehensile reflex and if he can see the toy, he can catch it and view it. It is good to know that the newborn can see the world only in the shades of grey in his start, so the black and white toys can engage him easily and also encourage his aspirations for discovering and exploring. The colorful toys and music toys are suitable for kids from the sixth month. Until than, the black and white toys or pictures are better for newborns. You can also use a different colors with high contrast.