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A fun board game made from wood to entertain the whole family or a group of children. The balls have very simple and understandable rules, so even smaller children can play. The aim of the game is to collect all the balls of one colour and get back to the house as quickly as possible to the collected balls.

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Product detailed description

The aim of this game is to collect all the balls of your colour and then get back to your box as quickly as possible to the house to collect the balls.

Game rules:

First, randomly place all the colored marbles in the playing field. It's a good idea to try to keep the same colours close together. Then each player takes a piece out of the bag to play with. (It's better and fairer to randomly pull out a piece than to pick one, so that players don't deliberately place the balls as close to their house as possible when placing the balls. (But that's up to you.) Place the pieces in the appropriate colored boxes in the house from which the pieces start, and the game can begin.

Each player rolls a die and whoever rolls the highest number starts. The game proceeds clockwise.

Players move around the playing field, finding the shortest path to their balls. They pick up their marble by skipping it and standing on the square behind it according to the value on their die. They place their collected marble in their house. If another player's marble is in his way, he skips it without picking it up and moves on.

If a player stops in a deep square where a marble was before, he does not play one round.

If a player stops in a square where another player's piece is standing, he discards it and the opposing player returns to the house. But be careful not to throw out the player who has already collected all the marbles and is on his way back to the house, you would help him to win.

The winner is the player who has collected all his marbles and is the first to get to his house, from where he started the game.



red ball - 5 pcs, yellow ball - 5 pcs, blue ball - 5 pcs, green ball - 5 pcs, playing piece - 4 pcs, playing mat 32 x 32 x 1,8 cm - 1 pcs, playing dice - 1 pcs, cotton bag - 1 pcs , beech seed - 2 pcs, game rules - 1 pcs.

Additional parameters

Category: Wooden games
Age by Certification: CE 3+
Material: Wood
Materials: oak
Package dimensions: 320x320x25 mm
Určeno pro děti: od 3 let
Rozměry obalu: 320x320x25 mm
Materiály: buk
Hmotnost balení: 1,3 kg

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MAKURA wooden building sets and board games are characterized by high quality and originality. It is a relatively young family company, whose owners place great emphasis on preserving the balance in nature. That is why each product also includes two beech seeds that our little customers can plant and give a little bit back to our Earth. Although technological processes have evolved since the beginning of production, the manufacturer prides itself on the proportion of quality handmade work. These toys breathe quality and originality and playing with them brings smiles to children and adults alike.