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A strategic, exciting game for children who can count to 12. The more players play, the more fun and mela on the board. One player is the fisherman, the others play as fish. The fisherman's job is to catch the fish and the fish try to swim away.

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In a small pond, 4 fish are swimming peacefully, but their peace is disturbed by a fisherman in a boat. He wants to catch them, but the fish don't give up easily and try to swim to his house as fast as possible. But the fisherman has plenty of opportunities to pee on me. So who do you think will win this time?

Rules of the game:

The more players, the more fun you'll have, so the ideal number is 5. If there are less than 5 players, players can split up the other fish to play with more than one fish at a time, or just one. More than age, the game is limited by the requirement that the children playing it can add and subtract up to 12. Not only do children play, but they also learn to count in a fun way.

At the start of the game, players roll both dice in turn, and whoever gets the same number on both dice gets to play as a fisherman. The others play as fish.

Fish rules:

The fishies' lane is blue squares including the coloured houses and light green squares. These mark where the fish track intersects with the fisherman's track. The light green squares are the most dangerous for the fish, because that is where the fisherman can catch them. Players place their fish pieces on the corresponding coloured squares. These are their houses, from which they start and must return to them without being caught by the fisherman. The fish take turns in the game clockwise and roll both dice at the same time. They add the value of both dice and move forward by as many spaces as the sum of the dice. If the value on both dice is the same, they roll and advance one more time. If either fish steps on a square occupied by another fish, they throw it away and the discarded fish returns, back to its house, where it starts playing again. The first fish to get to its house without being caught by the fisherman wins. However, it must land exactly the number of squares left in its house on the last throw. If it falls more, it goes back out of its house for the remaining number, and when its turn comes again, it tries again. (Example: the fish stands 3 spaces in front of her house and rolls a total of 7 on the dice.) She advances 3 spaces to her house, from where she returns 4 spaces back in the opposite direction of play.

Rules for fishermen:

The fisherman starts in the middle of the pond (playing area). His path is the uncoloured squares, including his starting dark green square and the light green squares where the paths of the fish and the fisherman intersect. The latter are the most important for him, as he can catch fish on them. He can also get from one side of the playing field to the other more quickly by using the dark green box in the middle, from which connecting lines lead to all four sides. He rolls both dice, but unlike the fish, he can choose to add or subtract values on the dice, or even choose a value on just one die. He can even go in any direction, which he can change each round.

The fisherman catches a fish by stepping on the light green square on which the fish is. Next, he stands on the light green square and the fish enters it as well. So the lurking fisherman jumps right into the fishing boat.

The fisherman wins when he catches all the fish. The fish wins if it gets back to its house first. There are enough rounds of the game for all players to take turns being the fisherman.



Fish figurine - 4 pieces, Fisherman figurine - 1 piece, Playing mat 32 x 32 x 1,8 cm - 1 piece, Playing dice - 2 pieces, Cotton bag - 1 piece, Beech seed - 2 pieces, Game rules - 1 piece.

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Category: Wooden games
Age by Certification: CE 3+
Material: Wood
Materials: oak
Package dimensions: 320x320x25 mm
Určeno pro děti: od 3 let
Rozměry obalu: 320x320x25 mm
Materiály: buk
Hmotnost balení: 1,3 kg

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