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This didactic puzzle is excellent for training fine motor skills, logic and spatial imagination. Great as a gift for boys and girls. It is designed for children from 2 years old.

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Wooden blocks are indispensable for every room. Playing with the cubes develops children's creative and combination skills, improving logical thinking and training patience....

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Hello we are big colorful Blocks! We are truly giant while still light and have different shapes. Are you already planning what to build from us?

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Hello, we are the colourful Blocks. We are entirely natural and will inspire your imagination and creativity. You will not only practice patience and your soft motor skills with...

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Where we got lost? Oh, a regal. And it is full of building blocks! Every kid must have this, that is the reason why there are so much of them :) Choose the blodks of different shapes and colors and discover the world of imagination. Children can play with them from 1 year and stimulate their fantasy and creativity. You will spend neverending hours of happiness and laughing with our blocks of different shapes and colors. You can not make a mistake with this blocks! They belong to the category - must have.