From Czech manufactory to the whole world

With great pleasure we bring you quality Czech toys for children, babies and toddlers. We offer a wide range of handmade wooden toys that have original design and quality workmanship. We would like to give our wholesale partners the opportunity to buy a wide range of products under one roof, we select all suppliers carefully with an emphasis on using organic and certified paints and using locally sourced wood. For your littlest customers we have a selection of textile products - puppets, cuddly toys and also textile books or Montessori toys. For toddlers we have selected original pulling and pushing toys, which have a long tradition in the Czech Republic. We are looking for meaningful and educational games and toys that support the development of a child at any age, you will also find wooden puppets and theatres, wooden board games and building blocks. Original metal toys such as tractors and cars await mechanical toy lovers. Last but not least, we must not forget to mention KROKIES wooden figures. We are specialized in producing them ourselves under the brand Krokido. They are a suitable gift, souvenir or toy for customers of all ages, their use is really wide and our selection is large. Most of the toys and decorations you will find here are made by small family-run companies whose love and passion for the craft is reflected in every product. Choose and support toys where you know who made them and what they are made of.


Contact us we will be happy to answer any questions and register you in our B2B E-shop where you will see our entire range with current prices and you can place your order online.

We look forward to our future cooperation! Your KROKIDO team

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