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Kids penny banks ABA are hand-painted, happy and practical and also high quality and safe toys. In this collection of the wooden toys we can find children favorite motives. There is dog, mouse, raven, ladybird, cow, horse and more. The ABA penny banks are given to kids from 1 year. Wooden penny banks ABA offer more variants of use to children. Kids can play with the wooden penny bank like with an animal or a figure. It has movable head, legs and hands. It can be also used as a motorical toy. They can put the money inside and then pull the head and take the money back. It is easy and kids can repeat it as long as they want. They improve motorical skills with this game. And that is the main purpose of these wooden toys. The penny banks can be also used as a decoration in the children´s room or they can be used as a tradicional penny banks for older kids.