PUPPET THEATRE with oponou, scenes.

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Welcome, I am a wooden Puppet Theater. Come play some fairy tales, deepen your imagination, vocabulary, and focus. I contain 4 fairy tale stages and 4 wonderful scenes. Do not hesitate, the curtain is already opening!

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Product detailed description

I am a precisely made wooden puppet theatre meant for 15 - 25 cm puppets, that can happily play in me, have plenty of space, and are whole to be seen. The puppets and You can find in me 4 stages for Your plays:Castle chamber, where the princess may marry a prince, road to the castle, where a cat in boots can chat with the jester, deep forest, where Jeníček and Mařenka probably get lost, and the room in the cottage, where probably grandma sleeps and can hear the knocking of the wolf. And there is a bush and a tree for the forest, and for the castle there is a throne, and for the cottage there is a table, that's what you'll find in me. Those are four beautiful wooden, free-standing, scenery. And of course there is a red velvet drop curtain. For those that don't know how to start, I have prepared a script of the fairy tale "How Honza Defeated the Dragon", starring the Jester, prince, princess, Honza, and the dragon. And one wise lady confided in me, that the playing in my puppet theatre, allows children to tell stories and talk to puppets. Playing also supports imagination, the development of the vocabulary and the ability to learn and focus. The puppets you must buy separate, depending on what you want to play. So let's go! The curtain's opening!Size of the theatre: Width 59 cm, height 35 cm, depth 29 cm, height of the hole in the front portal 30 cm Intended for:Wooden puppets 20 cm ,puppets without strings ,classic puppets , puppets of the Theatre Spejbla a Hurvínka Material: Wood, fabric (curtain) Contains: Front portal, base (2 wooden chips), 4 stages (castle chamber, road to the castle, in the cottage, and forest), 4 sceneries - tree, bush, throne, and table, script of the fairy tale How Honza Defeated the Dragon Possible to combine: Wooden puppets 20 cm, puppets without strings, classic puppets, puppets of the Theatre Spejbla a Hurvínka, add-ons and scenarios. They can also be combined with puppets with an idea (they have shorter rockers and the player's hand can be seen a bit when playing) and in the future they can be replaced by 20 cm puppets. Design: Emil Hauptmann Puppets and dolls from the brand Mašek have been manufactured since 1990, with the single goal to be perfect. Both in craftsmanship, and in design. We have puppets with a cute design and easy handling for the youngest children. For the older kids, we have a bit more complex puppets with a classic design, i.e. a rocker and pulling strings. And so that the children have a place to play with puppets, the company Mašek makes very handy puppet theaters. Wood and fabric is most often used for production. All materials are of course tested and safe. All puppets of the brand Mašek are produced exclusively in the Czech Republic and are certified as toys for children ages 3 and up.

Additional parameters

Category: Puppet theatres
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 2.606 kg
Age by Certification: CE 3+
Dimensions: 30 x 60 x 40 cm
Material: Wood
Materials: beech, lime, textile
Use: Toy
Rozměry: 30 x 60 x 40 cm
Materiály: buk, lípa, textil

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MAŠEK puppets and marionettes have been produced since 1990 with the sole aim of perfection. Both in execution and design. For the youngest children, we have puppets with a cute design and simple controls. For the slightly older children, more complex puppets with classic controls, i.e. a rocker and guide strings. And to give children somewhere to play with the puppets, Mašek also makes very clever puppet theatres to go with them. The puppets are mostly made of wood and textiles. All materials are of course tested and health-safe. All Mašek puppets are manufactured exclusively in the Czech Republic and are certified as toys for children from 3 years of age.