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Wooden figures WoodStork are hand painted wooden toys of the highest quality. These friendly figures with happy design are designed for kids from 3 years and they are suitable for girls and boys. They can be used as a funny gift for adults too. Wooden figures WoodStork have movable hands and legs, they can sit and they have nice face and happy colors. They can be little friends and faithful partners. Thanks to movable legs can move according to the child fantasy. Because they can sit they can take a place in a shelf in the children room and can be used as wooden decorations. The construction of these toys can help children with creative games and fantasy, telling stories and creativity. Colorful performance of these wooden toys can support visual perception and children fantasy.

In this category we can find a lot of motives of favorite fairytale characters like a joker, water sprite, Hurvínek, Mánička, Spejbl, Little red riding hood, wolf, pirate, Pinochio, dragon, bumblebee, bee, ladybird, doggy, cook and the clown.